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Gmail Password Recovery Help


Gmail password recovery

The process of password and account recovery in Gmail is widely used by number of individuals almost every day. But does the process help you remember your password or give you information on your password? The answer is no. The Gmail password recovery process does nothing that could possibly help you remember your forgotten or lost password.

Can the Gmail not remind user of the password?

The Gmail account doesn't store the information that is used for accessing. The combination is used for access verification and when the user doesn't list the correct password, they are not allowed to access the account either. Due to the absence of Gmail recording the information, it is really not possible to get a simple reminder on the matter. However, what you can do to resolve the mistake is use the process that helps you reset a password for your account. This means that you will be able to choose and save a new password for your account and won't have to worry about the one that you lost.

How to recover Gmail password?

You can recovery or reset your account password by using the password helper process that you can navigate to through:

1. The official page for password recovery (a link called the password helper is given there).

2. The option for “need help” or forgot my password will also take to the options for password helper process.

Here is how you can fix this issue after accessing the password helper page:

On using either of the options given above to access the password helper page, you will have to click on the option for 'I forgot my password' to initiate the procedure for choosing a new password. After doing so, you will be taken to a new page where you will have to type your Gmail account address with the Captcha code and proceed through continue option. Following this, you will need to use a verification option of choice to get the code on your mobile number or your alternate email address. When you receive the verification code on the option you selected, enter the code in the process page in required fields. When the code is accepted, you will receive the option to choose a new password for your account. Thus at the conclusion of the process, you can save a new password and use it to access account with the password helper.

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Gmail password recovery with our expert agents

The entire process gets interrupted when the user has no password recovery settings. The settings include mobile number and an alternate email address and if they are not present, verification is not possible. Nevertheless, in such a situation, you can get help with our agents who provide simple recovery options without needing the verification step in the process.

Since we provide private and rapid solutions, the services are charged and you can check about our pricing in the short and annual term from our agents. You can call on our toll free number to explore more options on Gmail and other email troubleshooting steps.